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    (IINS Exam 640-553)

    What You'll Learn
    • Develop a comprehensive network security policy to counter threats against information security
    • Configure routers with Cisco IOS Software security features
    • Configure a Cisco IOS zone-based firewall to perform basic security operations on a network
    • Configure site-to-site VPNs using Cisco IOS features
    • Configure IPS on Cisco network routers
    • Configure security features on IOS switches to mitigate various Layer 2 attacks
    Course Outline
      1.Exclusive - NAT and PAT
    • Basics of NAT and PAT
    • Configuring NAT and PAT
    • Maintaining NAT and PAT
    • Advanced Concepts in NAT and PAT
      2. Introduction to Network Security Principles
    • Network Security Fundamentals
    • Network Attack Methodologies
    • Operations Security
    • Security Policy
    • Building Cisco Self-Defending Networks
    • Cryptographic Services
    • Symmetric Encryption
    • Cryptographic Hashes and Digital Signatures
    • Asymmetric Encryption and PKI
      3. Perimeter Security
    • Securing Administrative Access to Cisco Routers
    • Cisco SDM
    • Configuring AAA on a Cisco Router Using the Local Database
    • Configuring AAA on a Cisco Router to Use Cisco Secure ACS
    • Implementing Secure Management and Reporting
    • Locking Down the Router
      4. Network Security Using Cisco IOS Firewalls
    • Firewall Technologies
    • Creating Static Packet Filters Using ACLs
    • Configuring Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall
      5. Site-to-Site VPNs
    • IPsec Fundamentals
    • Building a Site-to-Site IPsec VPN
    • Configuring IPsec on a Site-to-Site VPN Using Cisco SDM
    • Exclusive - IPsec over GRE
      6. Network Security Using Cisco IOS IPS
    • IPS Technologies
    • Configuring Cisco IOS IPS Using Cisco SDM
      7. LAN, SAN, Voice, and Endpoint Security Overview
    • Endpoint Security
    • SAN Security
    • Voice Security
    • Mitigating Layer 2 Attacks Labs

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